Ink Artistry with Featured Artist Aaron Aguilar

Freelance Artist

Tattoo and Visual Art Professional Aaron Aguilar

Aaron Aguilar,

26 of Tucson, Arizona has found that through his art he is able to escape from the moment and take the time to decompress while creating and designing new material. Aaron’s passion for art cannot be categorized as just a hobby; it has become a tremendous part of his everyday lifestyle.

Graduating with his Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design from Pima Community College; Aguilar continues to develop as an artist while delving into different genres of art, such as tattoo artistry and custom designs. The artist’s unique style ranges widely as his canvases are well versed; from sketch pads to the skin, and everything in between, Aaron’s irrevocable abilities shine through each and every piece of art produced.

Ice Cube Pencil Drawing

Ice Cube Portrait

Many of Aaron’s clients contract him to design and create customized pieces on raw materials such as the Vans Classic Slip On shoe. Beginning with a blank slate, Aaron is able to transform what once was the average slip-on into a masterful creation in which the owner can wear proudly. Seeing the transitions take place is extraordinary. Here is a look at how Mr. Aguilar is able to manipulate a white canvas shoe into footwear which is one of a kind.

Custom Shoes

From White to Just Right!


As you can see, Aaron displays a true gift in which he is able to use his undeniable skills and bring joy and excitement to his clients.

Recently, I was able to work with the talented Aaron Aguilar on a small, but an amazing project. It was incredible to see how gifted of an artist Aaron is, while also enjoying myself. It has been an exciting experience to see the vast styles of Aaron; however, the style which most intrigues me is his ability to design and produce works of art on other individuals. Many artists, including myself, have tried to cross over the barrier of the fine artist to the tattoo artist. The transition is a lot more trying than many may expect; and in my personal experience, it takes a specific type of artist to fluidly mesh their artistic styles and the unique styles of tattooing.

Looking at the work of Mr. Aguilar, I must admit that I am in awe of his graceful skill, although, he may just be one of the most modest artists I have met to date.









Aaron discusses his upcoming projects, many that I am sure all of you would enjoy to be a part of. Bigworldlittlegirlart will keep you updated with Aaron’s upcoming events; you can also follow Aaron on Twitter at for his latest work.

If you are interested in ordering custom pieces from Aaron, you can contact us at (520)339-1864.

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