Featured Artist June 2016

Great Artist, Amazing Summer!
Posted on June 12, 2016 by Miss Sandee
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Summer Drawing Camp (2015)

Amazing Kids, Undeniable Talents

Amazing talent, by even more amazing kids.

Last summer, BIGworldLITTLEgirlART hosted a kid’s drawing camp. This year, we received a few unexpected updates from our students.

Miss Georgia C is an authentic natural artist. Her love for drawing is extraordinary, before camp last summer, Georgia had already created an amazing comic book. After a few classes, Georgia’s technique had improved with the tools she took from camp. This year, we received this:


Miss Georgia was a great asset to our summer camp. I am very blessed to still have a student who continues to improve their craft.

We also were joined by the talented Miss Touri. Full of life and drive Touri has not stopped drawing since the summer program ended. An enthusiastic student who always thinks outside the box has enhanced her skills immensely. Check out how far she has come;
I could not be any prouder, these students continue to inspire me daily. I am more than proud of their dedication and commitment to excellence.

Taking basic tools and creating awesomeness can only be a success if you are willing to use the tools and apply them to your craft. Practice and persistence can make a world of difference, it’s up to you to conquer your goals and dreams.
We wish the absolute best for each of you, and it has always been my pleasure to surrounded by such talented individuals.