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Art is truly in my heart, it is my dream, my love, and my sanity. Through art I am able to express myself, display my truth, and decompress in a way unimaginable. My goal is to spread my joy of art with hopes of inspiring and encouraging others. As I continue to work on various projects with different types of creators, I also continue to grow independently. In order to progress successfully, I feel it is important to share your talents and gifts with the world; and this is why we want to feature you as our artist of the month. I want to share with the world, the real life stories of the gifted. Your story could be the difference in someones life; so I invite you to share your passion. Please submit and share your story here.

Over the years music and art have been in and out of public schools all over the nation. There are numerous opinions about the importance of art and music as a part of youth education. In 2006, Grace Rubenstein wrote: "There's a deep-seated belief here that art allows young people to develop a creative and entrepreneurial understanding of the world," says headmaster Linda Nathan, who helped found the school. "In arts, kids learn there's not just one right answer. They learn that judgment counts. They learn to connect (paragraph 3)."
In a world full of talented and gifted individuals; some of the biggest tragedies have been represented by amazing pieces of art from all across the world.
BIGworldLITTLEgirlART is proud to support all small business owners and innovative entrepreneurs. Starting with no background or knowledge of business or the administration of business, I knew I would have to learn a lot and fast. Through independent research and pursuing an MBA emphasizing in marketing, the path of generating business success as an artist has proven to pay off. My goal is to encourage any individual looking to start and manage their very own small business. Here you can find information on everything from designing a business plan, creating a tag line, to producing and selling your product or services. I invite you to learn and grow with us on your journey to success.

Desire to Inspire, Inspire to Aspire, but most importantly, In order to achieve you must is surround ourselves with knowledgeable individuals who genuinely want to see you succeed and exceed your own personal limits. So find those that encourage you to grow, push you to grow and expand in areas even you may have been afraid to venture.

C. Burger